Initially started off with individual authentic products. Now grown out to be Signature Foods. Every day we strive together to win with the customer and for the consumer.
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This makes us proud every day. 

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Johma Oet Twente The most famous, tastiest and largest salad maker in the Netherlands: that is Johma Oet Twente! Since 1968 Johma has been providing the tastiest chilled salads from its own kitchen. Johma does this with one goal: to be the tastiest. Every day.

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Heks’nkaas HEKS'NKAAS is the tastiest spread for any time of the day. In the kitchen, with a drink or on a slice of toast. HEKS'NKAAS is constantly discovering new delicacies for the most magical variations, such as the flavors Tomato Basil and Mustard Dill. If it were up to us, you will never be done dipping with our magical HEKS’NKAAS.

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Westland Salades Westland Salads distinguishes itself in quality. Westland is explicitly engaged in unique recipes and traditional production methods to always deliver high-quality products.

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VlamTosti’s VlamTostis are delicious, toasted sandwiches with a fiery filling of spicy minced meat with creamy cheese. The VlamTosti has an authentic recipe and ensures great pleasure during every lunch. Every day.

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Los Taqueros Festive warm snacks inspired by Mexican cuisine. From a richly filled Nachokit to delicious Empanadas. Easy to heat up so that you can enjoy it quickly.

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Délio Délio is all about taste. Taste in the salads and taste in the lives of consumers. This allows us to provide new ingredients, combinations and delicious recipes. With the right knowledge, experience and intuition, Délio provides the most delicious salads.

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Vlammetjes Life is too short for boring snacks. Go hot and go hard, with Vlammetjes.

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KaasTengels Delicious cheese spring rolls for every occasion with KaasTengels. At a party or with no special occasion. In different flavors with the best ingredients.

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HOMANN HOMANN, founded in 1867, has always stood for tradition and quality. HOMANN is the leading salad brand in Germany and is known for its savory potato- and pasta salads as side dishes for grilling, as well as for the creamy salads and spreads.

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Our business units

Signature Foods

Hilversum, The Netherlands
Initially started off with individual authentic products. Now grown out to be Signature Foods. Every day we strive together to win with the customer and for the consumer. Cool right? This makes us proud every day. 

Signature Foods The Netherlands

Losser, The Netherlands
Signature Foods Nederland (Johma Salades) has been an established name on the market since 1968. Our company's mission is to create and produce the tastiest salads for our customers every day. Quality is central here. This applies to the ingredients, the people and the method.

Signature Foods Belgium

Turnhout, Belgium
Signature Foods Belgium has been an established name in the market since 1962. To maintain its position as market leader, Signature Foods Belgium only provides top quality products. Together with the dedicated team of Signature Foods Belgium, we make the tastiest products for everyone. Every day.

Westland Salades

Den Haag, The Netherlands
Westland has been an established name on the market since 1969. Westland is currently the market leader in the Netherlands for garnished potato salads. Westland uses quality ingredients and a unique and traditional method to produce the delicious recognizable salads.


Schiedam, The Netherlands
TopKing is a producer of well-known brands such as Vlammetjes®, KaasTengels®, VlamTosti’s®, Vlammensaus®, etc. Topking ensures that the smallest snacks can provide the right moments of joy. TopKing develops surprising flavors that make every event a special occasion.

Kitchen on a Mission

Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands
Kitchen on a Mission is the first and oldest producer of fresh tapenades and tapas in the Netherlands and has a wide range of delicacies and Mediterranean specialties from its own kitchen. These products are developed with their customers, which distinguishes them in the market. Kitchen on a Mission strives to be the best every day, by always putting the customers’ needs first.


Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
HEKS'NKAAS® guarantees the most delicious flavors that will keep you coming back for more. The products we make are beautiful combinations of dairy and fresh ingredients. HEKS'NKAAS invariably sets the mood with a touch of magic!


Katwijk, The Netherlands
1BITE foods supplies a complete line of snack products to retailers under private label. Sales of Tapas & Tapenades, Olives and Dip & Spreads continue to increase, and the range continues to expand. We continue to innovate with more than a hundred different tapas that we develop in our own kitchen. It's about convenience: straight from the shelf to the table.


With enterprising, driven and loyal colleagues, we strive every day to win for the consumer and with our consumer. As a result, we are always looking for new passionate colleagues who want to take Signature Foods to a higher level. Together with us. Every day.

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