About us

Initially started off with individual authentic products. Now grown out to be Signature Foods. Every day we strive together to win with the customer and for the consumer.
Cool right? This makes us proud every day.

We are an entrepreneurial company.
With entrepreneurial, disciplined and loyal colleagues we strive every day to win for
the consumer. How? By simply being the very best, now and in the future.

That is why we are becoming a little more plant, animal and planet friendly every day. In this
way, we hope to have the best for everyone in the future. From farmer to consumer.

We can only achieve this together. Together with our customers and with each otheras a
Together we grow. 

is the beating heart of our company.
Growth in the number of brands, companies and products. Growth in the number of
initiatives and critical thinkers. Growth in the number of ideas and improvements.
Every opinion counts.
As a customer, you will also grow harder with us as we take you along in our growth. 

Growth enables us to continue to innovate. It enables us to be critical of how we can do
things even better.
This is how we try to be the very best every day for our consumers.
That makes us proud.
Action rather than words. No non-sense.
It is that simple.

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