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How it all started.

Signature Foods is growing. Every single day. That makes us proud. 
The beginning
2006 Over the years, the Belgian company Hamal (1962) and the Dutch company Johma (1968) become part of the English company Uniq PLC. In 2006, the investment company Gilde acquires the Belgian company Hamal, thus becoming Hamal Signature. This privatization creates the necessary focus on the local Belgian market. Following this acquisition, we start to actively invest in the organization, new products, concepts and production capacity.

In the same year we successfully introduce the new brand Délio to our consumers.
Acquisition of Johma
2010 In 2010, the Gilde investment company also acquires the authentic salad company Johma. This gives us a strong market position in the Netherlands, in addition to Belgium. This acquisition also results in a transformation for the Johma brand itself. As Johma becomes a more efficient customer-focused organization, where quality, taste and product innovation are key.
Westland Salads & the emergence of Salad Signature
2011 We continue to grow. In 2011 the well-known brand, Westland Salads, joins the group. This gives us a leading position in potato salads as well. 

The legal merger between Johma Signature holding BV and Hamal Signature NV results in the creation of the Salad Signature NV group.
Acquisition Le Cobourg
2013 The focus on quality is further ensured by the acquisition of the salad spread company Le Cobourg in 2013.
New target group with Gourmet
2015 Through the acquisition of the artisanal fresh Gourmet salads, we gain a new target group. Namely: chefs.
A bit of magic in the group with HEKSN’KAAS®
2017 In 2017 we add a bit of magic to the group: HEKS'NKAAS® joins Signature Foods.
Further expansion with Kitchen on a Mission
2018 Our focus further expands to a new category of delectable tapas as KOAM joins the group in 2018.
Snacking with Topking & the emergence of Signature Foods
2019 The one and only KaasTengels and Vlammetjes do not lag behind, as Topking joins the group in 2019.

With the ongoing growth in both the number of products and categories, it is time to change the name of the group. Hence, Signature Foods is created. A group of high quality brands and products that we proudly put our signature behind.
A fresh start with Pamplona & the launch of Los Taqueros
2020 We continue to innovate and grow. Not only do we get a new investor called Pamplona.

We also introduce our consumers to the South American cuisine with the launch of the new brand: Los Taqueros!
New start with Pamplona & expansions with 1BITE and HOMANN
2021 We continue to innovate and grow. Not only do we get Pamplona Capital Management as new owner...

... Signature Foods also welcomes both 1BITE and HOMANN to the group.

With a complete snack line under a private label, 1BITE has products in the same category as Kitchen on a Mission. This way we continue to expand in this category.

With HOMANN as the leading salad brand in Germany, we are expanding in the salad category. HOMANN is known for its potato- and pasta salads as side dishes for grilling, as well as for creamy salads and spreads.
Signature Foods in hands of 50 employees
2022 Pamplona Capital Management (“Pamplona”) and the management of Signature Foods agree that the management of Signature Foods will acquire Pamplona's interest in the company.

As a result, the property share of Signature Foods comes in the hands of CEO Erik Bras and a team of 50 Signature Foods colleagues.
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